This form of therapy is carried out with the individual fully clothed and in a peaceful environment usually in a lying position. It is usually a relaxing pleasant experience.

By helping the body to release tension, and traumas held within the body tissues, both physical and emotional; and by supporting an individual’s inherent healing ability a better state of balance and therefore health may be found.

This holistic form of treatment may be of assistance in treating a range of conditions including...
Colic, feeding difficulties, poor sleep, re-current ear infections, constipation, digestive disturbances, persistent aches and pains, headaches, general fatigue, shock, problems associated with a traumatic birth (for both Mother and baby), musculoskeletal pain; or for supporting the body to deal with day to day stress.

Infant Massage

Touch is the first sense that develops when we are in our Mother’s womb.
Touch nurtures us and helps us to form bonds and relationships.

Learning to massage your baby using positive, comforting touch; and learning to read your baby’s early communication cues helps develop loving bonds. Massage may help your baby to be calmer, and to settle more easily. It may also help with digestive issues such as constipation.

The IAMS approach (International Association of Infant Massage) involves teaching parents a range of techniques for massage. The approach looks at how to do this at your baby’s pace, and how to gently progress (and to learn what your baby is responding to positively using step by step guidance).

Infant massage may be taught in a group setting, or on an individual basis. This programme is delivered over six sessions.

Therapist Details.

Lisa Boyes.

Children’s Physiotherapist and
member of the CSP. HPCP

Cranio-Sacral therapist, diploma in
Cranio-Sacral therapy. College of
Cranio-Sacral therapy (CCST).

Certified Infant Massage Instructor.
International Association of Infant Massage.

Telephone 07882 730232

Therapy In Connection

Lisa Boyes Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Infant Massage.


Cranio–sacral therapy is a gentle form of therapy involving light touch suitable for babies, children and adults. Cranio-sacral therapy involves the therapist using gentle contacts on the head and body working with the individuals underlying state of health and vitality; engaging with the pulls, twists, and restrictions that accumulate in the body over time.